Indigo Series: LED Backlit Panel

  • Indigo Series: LED Backlit Panel

Nordusk LED Backlit Panel light provides soft and uniform light. Its slim design, high efficiency, independent high PF driver, instant start, no glare and no buzz make it an efficient style statement in homes and commercial environments. Fine design with aluminum heat sink helps to longer the life span of the luminaire. Standard size and easy for installation.

LED 2ft X 2ft

  • Item code
  • KN-I-BLP-C-40W

Homes, Offices, Hospitality Industry, Malls & Showrooms, Educational Institutions, Libraries, Hospitals and Nursing homes, etc.

Wattage (W): 40W
Voltage (V): 120-240V
Power Factor: >0.9
Lumens(lm): 3000 lm
Operating Temp: -0 - 40dg
Colour: 6500/4000K
CRI: 80
Life(burning hrs): 50000