"And God said, let there be light, and there was light". (Old Testament, Genesis, i,3.)

Imagine life without light! From the first rays of Sun to the glowing lamp in the night, light illuminates life around us.
Little wonder, then, that lighting solutions have come a long way since the days of prehistoric cave fire and the Greek legend of Prometheus ‘the fire bringer’ to the latest ‘LED Revolution’ which promises to offer limitless opportunities in terms of technology.
And quite rightly so! Imagine your electricity bill steadily dropping by wider margins, the advantage of energy savings with a positive environmental impact, the hassle of frequently replacing existing lamps eliminated and the ability to choose fancy lighting options with less electricity consumption. The perfect home is no longer a utopia when it comes to lighting.

Inspired by the Northern Lights of Norway, a natural phenomenon where the Creator seems to be at his creative best, NORDUSK brings the very best of LED technology to India. Offering you smarter lighting solutions, recognizing your constantly evolving and changing needs, we offer you the perfect LED solutions for your home and workplace lighting needs.

How to build a greener planet?

Reinforced Dynamics

Efficient Lighting

Over 15% of the world’s electricity is consumed in lighting. Be it public or private spaces, the growing prosperity in the develping countries will lead to ever increasing lighting – related electricity requirement.
Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs use the most advanced efficient lighting technology while providing rich luminescence and conserving as much as 80% electricity.
LED is a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light. We from the house of Nordusk present simple LEDs which are solid devices which produce light through a process called "electroluminescence." They do this by moving electrons across a very special gap within their internal construction that gives off photons when electrons enter the gap. These photons are the light we see and they give off different colours based on the materials are used to make the LED.

Green Energy

Nordusk works to reduce your home energy costs and impact on the environment with innovative LED lighting. Our energy efficient and environmentally friendly products will continue to provide long term savings through reduced energy costs. Our unique position is centered around the expansion of products available to the general public and in the creation and sustainability of energy through cost-saving solutions.

lighting plans

  • Outdoor

    Light up your life with outdoor lighting from Nordusk. Whether you're looking to brighten a path with landscape lighting or keep your family safe with floodlights, Nordusk has everything you need for your projects.. Whatever your goal, Nordusk has the style and selection to light up your night.

  • Indoor

    Master your decor with exciting new lighting. Just pick a room, and we have what you need. Whether it's updating your dining room lighting to add warmth and atmosphere, adding modern lighting to a living room to give it that contemporary feel, or making your indoor inviting and functional you'll find the best possible options to choose from in our lighting selection.

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